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Greenbank Observatory

July 14, 2019

4 Person Teams
1st Team Jerod
2nd Belington Boys
3rd McClintics

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park

July 13, 2019

Four Person Teams
1st Long John Silvers 36 Long
2nd Belington Boys 36 Short
3rd Toe Jam 39

Three Person Teams
1st Teays Valley Express 44
2nd Friends United 45

Two Person Teams
1st The McClintics 31

WV Singles State Championships

June 29-30, 2019

2019 WV State Championship Results

1st Shannon Putnam
2nd Jessica Collins
Novice 1
1st Travis Craig
2nd Stephen Wallington
Novice 2
1st Bryan Wimer
2nd Eric Bee
Novice 3
1st Andy Shay
2nd Dennis Pierson
Novice 4
1st Gary Daft
2nd Kristin Daft

Canaan Valley State Park

June 23, 2019

13 Teams
1st PreGamers 26 long
2nd Friends United 26
3rd Dirty Mike and the Boys 26 short

Blackwater Falls State Park

June 22, 2019

15 Teams
1st PreGamers 30
2nd Friends United 34 long
3rd Belington Boys 34 short

Jerod Putnam Amateur Open

June 7-9, 2019


23 Bowlers
1st Blake Tasker $1000 prize!
2nd Morgan Ware $200 prize!
3rd Gary Daft $100 prize
All 3 bowlers donated their winnings back to the Jerod Putnam Scholarship fund!

Strawberry Festival

May 19, 2019

The qualifying is over and the 1st round matches are set for the WV State Championships. Blackwater Falls State Park will host both rounds of the championship on June 29th and 30th.
Listed by grade:

Novice 4
John Cravens vs Ryan Poling
Kristen Daft vs Charles McMannis
Gary Daft vs Kevin Smith
Jason Putnam vs Wayne McMannis

Novice 3
Andy Shay vs Dave Powell
Dennis Pierson vs Justin Knapp

Novice 2
Travis McClintic vs Morgan Ware
Eric Bee vs Wayne Marrs
Rich Meece vs Ken McClintic
Bryan Wimer vs Steve Holmes

Novice 1
Stephen Wallington vs Travis Craig

Jessica Collins vs Marsha Jordan
Shannon Putnam vs Scarlett Kitts

Strawberry Festival

May 18, 2019

10 Teams, 34 Bowlers
4 Person team
-1st Place, Bucktown Tossers 27
-2nd Place, Friends United 29

3 Person team
-1st Place, Holly River Gang 24
-2nd Place, Belington Boys 43

2 Person team
-1st Place, Terrible Two 44
-2nd Place, 2 Amigos 48

Kanawha State Forest

May 11, 2019

24 Bowlers, 8 Teams
1st Holly River Gang 20
2nd Bucktown Tossers 21
3rd Friends United 24
4th Killarney 26
5th Teays Valley Express 27

Coopers Rock State Forest

May 4, 2019

48 Bowlers, 14 Teams
1st Bucktown Tossers 25 long
2nd PreGamers 25 short
3rd Holy River Gang 26
4th Belington Boys 28
5th Puppalupdup 29

Pipestem Resort State Park

April 14, 2019

Pipestem Singles Qualifiers:
Bowlers who qualified at Pipestem secured their place in the 2019 WV State Championship to be held at Blackwater Falls on June 29th and 30th

Listed Alphabetically
Novice 1
Travis Craig, Steve Wallington

Novice 2
Eric Bee, Steve Holmes, Rich Meece, Morgan Ware

Novice 3
Justin Knapp, Dennis Pierson, David Powell, Andy Shay

Novice 4
John Cravens, Charles McMannis, Jason Putnam, Kevin Smith

Jessie Collins, Scarrlett Kitts

Walt Bilous, Jamie Wilson, Ryan Ely, Ryan Poling, Bill Rote, Richard Knapp, Derick Schular

Pipestem Resort State Park

April 13, 2019

1st Bucktown Tossers 21
2nd G.I.R.B.L. 1 22
3rd PreGamers 25

Irish Spring Festival

March 16-17, 2019

Saturday March 16th, Long Course
1st Sons of Pitches 37
2nd Us vs Them 38
3rd The Other Guys 39
4th OJ Didn’t Do It 41
5th Team Jerod, Bucktown Tossers, Irish Swagger 42

Sunday March 17th, Short Course
1st PreGamers 23
2nd Team Jerod 29
3rd Bucktown Tossers 30
4th Belington Boys 34
5th Holly River Gang 35