Celtic Calling in Charleston


March 4th, 2019.  Haley Kosik

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Families in the Capitol City got the chance to launch a 28-ounce steel ball down Piedmont Road. This is a sport and it’s called Irish road bowling.
The sport was first established in West Virginia in 1995 in a small town called Ireland, WV. Since the start the sport has grown to having over 20 events yearly.
Teams are made up of three players and course are typically one to two miles long. Events don’t have team number limitations, all are welcome.
Organizers say the sports gets people outside and involved in the community, and the rules are pretty simple.
WV Irish Road Bowling Association President, Stephen Holmes II said, “we use a 28-ounce cannonball and the idea of the game is to have a starting point and end point, and it’s the least amount of throw from point A to point B. It was originated in the country of Ireland and we’ve adopted it in 1995 and we’ve been continuing ever since.”
For information on Irish road bowling events, visit the association’s website.