Preston County Buckwheat Festival

October 3, 2021

For the last 19 years, the Preston County Buckwheat Festival has hosted a hometown favorite in the small world of Irish Road Bowling. It features good pavement and tightly banked turns for the first 1/3 of the course, then straightens out through the residential or middle portion of the course. At the intersection of Pleasantdale and Greens Run Road, bowlers have one of the best lofting opportunities of any course in WV.  Prizes are awarded to the winning 4 person team. Come out early and tailgate with some of the local teams before the event begins.

Registration begins at 12:00. Bowling begins at 1:00
Road Master. Mark Wilt Cell: (304) 698-6817 Dennis Pierson (304) 692-6669


From the event...

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7 Teams, 25 Bowlers

1st, PreGamers – 28 Long

2nd, Bad News Tossers – 28 Short

3rd, RamRod – 37 Long

4th, Roadside Ditch Searchers – 37 Short

5th, Bruceton – 38 Long

6th, Golf Cart Qties – 38 Short

7th, Noobs – 48


Take Rt 7 to Kingwood.  At the second stop light, turn down the hill to Pleasantdale Rd.  Parking, registration and the start line is at the bottom of the hill.