Pipestem Resort State Park

April 14, 2019

After a fun filled team event on Saturday, join fellow road bowlers again on Sunday to compete in the first of 2 singles State Championship Qualifying events.  The qualifier at Pipestem secures the first 4 bowlers in each grade, Novice 1-4 and women's, to compete in the State Championships.  Novice 4 is for beginners and anyone can compete.  If you don't want to compete at the State Championships in June, you can still compete in this singles event as an unqualifying bowler.  Just come out and see how you stack up against other bowlers!  Registration fee is $10 per person.

Registration begins at 9:30

Bowling begins at 10:30 sharp!

The second qualifier will be held in Buckhannon WV during the Strawberry Festival.  

From the event...

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Pipestem Singles Qualifiers:
Bowlers who qualified at Pipestem secured their place in the 2019 WV State Championship to be held at Blackwater Falls on June 29th and 30th

Listed Alphabetically
Novice 1
Travis Craig, Steve Wallington

Novice 2
Eric Bee, Steve Holmes, Rich Meece, Morgan Ware

Novice 3
Justin Knapp, Dennis Pierson, David Powell, Andy Shay

Novice 4
John Cravens, Charles McMannis, Jason Putnam, Kevin Smith

Jessie Collins, Scarrlett Kitts

Walt Bilous, Jamie Wilson, Ryan Ely, Ryan Poling, Bill Rote, Richard Knapp, Derick Schular

Pipestem Resort State Park, Pipestem WV


3405 Pipestem dr, Pipestem WV 25979

Registration and the start of the course for the qualifier is held at the campground entrance.