Upcoming Events

-Due to the recent social distancing changes in the state of WV, the WVIRBA events have been directly affected.  Please check the schedule page regarding events you’re planning to attend.  We will continue to make updates and changes to the 2020 WVIRBA schedule as new information is made available. 

Dodridge County Fair


4 Person Team
1st “I Wanna Know What Love Is!”
2nd Bucktown Tossers

3 Person Team
1st B-3 Bombers
2nd Ligma Bowlz

2 Person Team
1st Shenanigans

Ladies Long Shot
1st Jamie Wilson
2nd Jessie Collins

Men’s Long Shot
1st Dennis Pierson
2nd Ryan Ely


At the Dodridge County Park, follow any road to the picnic pavilion next to the river.  Parking, registration, and awards are held in the pavilion.