Celtic Calling, Kanawha State Park

March 3, 2024

Road Bowling has been part of the Celtic Calling Gathering in Charleston for several years. This year the course moves from Piedmont Road in Charleston to Kanawha State Forest.  The course starts at the Picnic Area located on left just after Rattle Snake Run. From there you bowl toward the Nature Center Parking Area. The course finishes at the giant boulder on the left of the road by The Salamander Trail. Teams will consist of a minimum of 3 bowlers per team. If you don't have a team, come anyway and we'll find you a team the day of the event. Team members will take turns to 'hurl' a 28 oz steel ball along the course. The team taking the least number of shots is the winner.

Entry is free, but a refundable deposit of $5 for your road bowl is payable. Donations or memberships to/for the Kanawha State Forest Foundation which makes enhancements to the park can be made at the start line.  Prizes - one for each in the following sections.  Family Team, has to have one member under 14 - 1st Mens Team - 1st Women Team - 1st Co-ed Team - Part of the 7th Celtic Calling Gathering. 5 days of events around downtown Charleston that raise up Celtic heritage, arts and culture: www.celticcalling.org

Kanawha Sate Park