WV Singles State Championship Glenville WV

June 24, 2023

The 2023 WVIRBA Singles Championships will be held on a brand new course in Glenville WV.  Without familiarity on the road, bowlers will be competing on a "level" playing field, figuratively speaking of course.  WV roads are anything but level.  Top qualifying bowlers in all grades will compete in 3 handed singles matches this year.  This format provides excellent competition with many matches being won or lost on the final throw.  The top two bowlers in each grade will advance to compete at the North American Regional Championships.  Come out and walk the course as the bowlers compete for road bowling glory.  A correction to the finals matches... the Ladies match has been played on June 10th at Coopers Rock so it will not be part of the schedule on June 24th

From the event...

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West Virginia


The road will run from close to 920 Duck Run Road to Quarry Drive. Still up in the air which way we are going to bowl it.  Trying to figure out which end has the best roll out. The course is right at 1.2 miles.  You can enter in the 920 Duck Run Road in the 911 Address and then follow the road out to Quarry Drive.  Duck Run Road is also called Spruce Run in Google Maps.