Irish Spring Festival

March 16, 2019

This 2-day family friendly event is held as part of the Irish Spring Festival in Ireland WV.  This small community is the birth place, heart, and soul of WV Irish Road Bowling. The 2.2 mile course is the longest on the schedule and offers several different challenges that keep the action lively.  Bowl both Saturday and Sunday.  The perfect destination to celebrate St Paddy's Day and kick off the 2019 road bowling competition!  Bowling begins at:

Saturday 2:30

Sunday 1:30

From the event...

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Saturday March 16th, Long Course
1st Sons of Pitches 37
2nd Us vs Them 38
3rd The Other Guys 39
4th OJ Didn’t Do It 41
5th Team Jerod, Bucktown Tossers, Irish Swagger 42

Sunday March 17th, Short Course
1st PreGamers 23
2nd Team Jerod 29
3rd Bucktown Tossers 30
4th Belington Boys 34
5th Holly River Gang 35

Ireland, WV


65 Community Dr, Ireland, WV 26376

Once you’ve arrived in Ireland WV, turn onto Wildcat Rd for 400′

Turn right onto Community Dr.

Parking is available at the community building.