Canaan Valley Resort State Park

June 20, 2021

The second event of this double header weekend sees Canaan Valley State Park as the site for another great day of Irish Road Bowling. This course is wide open. A large downhill and shaded start lets bowlers see some big shots to start the day. The course then settles into a gently rolling stretch to the finish with wide sweeping turns and well-groomed road sides. Since this course isn’t a loop like Blackwater Falls the previous day, bowlers will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the start and finish lines. 

With the short distance between Blackwater Falls and Canaan Valley, this is the perfect weekend to spend in the area enjoying the sights and two top notch Irish Road Bowling events. Registration begins at 12:30. Bowling begins at 1:30
Contact David Vance 1(800) 622-4121, Ext 2788

From the event...

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11 Teams, 37 Bowlers

1st, McClintics – 26

2nd, PreGamers – 29

3rd, Connie Lingus – 31


Follow directions to Canaan Valley State Park. Turn onto Main Park Road. Course and parking at the 4-way intersection at the top of the hill.