Blackwater Falls State Park, Davis WV

June 20, 2020

Many say this is the best double header weekend of the season!  And this year, Blackwater Falls State Park will be the default 2020 season opener. This course has quickly become a favorite of veteran and new bowlers alike. In 2018, the WV State Championships and the North American Regional Finals were hosted here. With the close proximity to Canaan Valley, this is the perfect weekend to spend in the area taking in the sights and enjoying 2 days of quality Irish Road Bowling.

The rare loop course (finish where you start) offers smooth blacktop, a corner for lofting, sun, shade, a horseshoe turn, and long sweeping downhill turns that when bowled just right, could let your bowl roll out of site! During the women’s exhibition match at the North American finals in 2018, the 2017 WV Women’s Champion recorded a shot of 323 yards with a perfectly place bowl. So, get ready for some big bowls, a little bit of luck, and a lot of fun!
Registration begins at 12:30. Bowling begins at 1:30

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the WVIRBA encourages spectators and participants to adhere to the following social distancing guidelines for this event:

Social guidelines for the Blackwater and Canaan Valley WVIRBA events.
1. Bowlers are encouraged to wear masks before, during, and after the competition.
2. Bowlers are encouraged to respect 6ft social distancing guidelines.
3. One person from each team can sign up for the event and buy WVIRB merchandise.
4. Teams are encouraged to stay in or near their cars until the event begins.
5. While competing on the road, it is acceptable to help locate another team’s road bowl, but other bowlers should not touch the bowl or bring it back to the road.
6. Teams are responsible for their own transportation to and from the start and finish lines
7. If you or anyone in your household are exhibiting any of the Covid-19 symptoms outlined by the CDC, please do not participate in any of the WVIRBA events.


14 Teams, 50 Bowlers

!st – PreGamers “A” Team 26

2nd – PreGamers “C” Team longest 30,

3rd – Bucktown Tossers long 30


Parking and bowling begin at a picnic area just past the Blackwater Falls overlook parking area.